How a brand increased their ROI by digital marketing


Sep 17, 2020

How a brand increased their ROI by digital marketing

The days of “conventional outreach” - where a brand just had to make a website and wait for the

right audience to come and avail their services - are a thing of the past. Today you have to

connect with your target audience, establish yourself as a thought leader and give yourself some

social proof to get a single glance from the audience.

And that’s how we, at the content by Diksha Vohra, helped our client - an Accountancy Firm -

generate massive ROI.


An Accountancy Firm based out of Dubai, came to Content by

Diksha Vohra when they were at a middle stage of their

business. However, despite having a considerable amount of

experience in their industry, the company was not getting

expected clientage.

While they were leveraging methods like SEO for their website,

but they were not attracting enough clients. Moreover, the

amount of conversation rate was even more abysmal. That is,

people contacted them for queries and other basic services,

however, our client had a hard time convincing their audience

to convert into permanent paying customers.

How Did We Help?

We have been helping brands and individuals for a while now and has seen such problems a lot of

times. Thus, our team started it using a step-by-step approach.

Listed the services that could earn brownie points

Initially, we gathered appropriate data on the successful contemporaries and noted down the

things that they were doing differently. Then we gathered some insights from the company staff,

how things worked and how they helped their clients with their consultancy services. As

expected, we found out that they didn’t mention the complete list of services.

For example, their website talked & emphasised on paid services like “financial auditing” and

more. However, they overlooked the major things like how they provide customized and

personalized consultancy and how they spent hours and hours discussing the problems and

solutions with their clients (for free). Things like these are worth mentioning and could earn them

some major brownie points.

Enhanced the Website

Secondly, while their website had SEO factors, but it was still very unprofessionally done. We

redid the entire website and the website content to make it look more professional, engaging and

simple to make it relatable to the audience. This is where our outside research helped us. We gave

their website a professional, not to say a customer & SEO friendly look which resulted in massive


Say no to “stock” images

Another thing that we noticed was the usage of some Stock and Google images on the website.

While in some cases the use of stock images is okay, however, adding such images does not

really help you. If anything, they come across as fake (which they actually are).

Instead, we clicked some cool high-resolution pictures of the whole team and added those

images to the website.

If you are wondering how do they make any difference then you are missing out on this important


According to MDG Advertising, 67% of online shoppers rated high-quality images as being “very

important” to their purchase decision, which was slightly more than “product specific information”,

“long descriptions”, and “reviews & ratings”:

Their audience could now relate more to these personalized images juxtaposed to stock-images.

Established as a Though-Leader

We further helped out the client by providing interactive, innovative and attention-grabbing

LinkedIn posts (by perfectly pouring his thoughts into words). This helped the company

strengthen their position as a thought-leader in his domain.


Our whole website-enhancing and content marketing odyssey turned out to be a smashing

success. The company’s positioning in the market changed altogether and they succeeded in

establishing themselves as a thought-leader and an established accountancy firm. Unlike before,

they started getting inbound leads - people contacted them and started to turn into regular paying



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