Website elements that Help Provide Excellent User-Experience


May 05, 2022

Website elements that Help Provide Excellent User-Experience

When talking about online presence in businesses, your website is the face of interaction for your prospective customers on the internet. Having a fully-functioning modern website that is extremely user-friendly is the path to winning your audience’s hearts. Web design agencies in Dubai, are well aware of this crucial fact and are creating websites that put your brand under the spotlight!

Several elements make up a modern website, but focusing on enhancing ‘user-experience’ is the key. As one of the leading website development companies in Dubai, in this article, we have jotted the core elements that can increase the user experience by multiple folds. Read along to find some creative additions you can bring to your website.

Informational architecture that is concise, creative, and compelling

Informational architecture is all about how data is organized around your website layout in the most impactful ways. Anything you put up on the site should be easily readable, accessible, and navigable. Some of the elements that help you design an effective informational architecture are as follows:

  • Spacing: Clutter-free designing is what makes the move these days. Leaving spaces around different sections of a webpage, white or colored, will help users consume information quickly and efficiently.


  • Easy Navigation: Make sure that important content on your site is just a click away for the users. Experts say, you only have 50 milliseconds to hook the visitors on a website, and difficulty to move through the layout can shoo them away too soon.


  • Responsive Design: A website should look and feel the same way whether you use it through a desktop, PC, tablet, or mobile phone – that’s a responsive design, a sign of great informational architecture.

Interactivity and usability

People bump into a website for information, solutions, and entertainment. Allowing them to connect to and experience what they are looking for is nothing but ensuring interactivity and usability. As a renowned website design company in Dubai, we ensure that the moment someone scrolls through your website, they feel that the space is personalized for them. Here’s what you can do to achieve the same:

  • Clean Layout: You can identify a professional, well-built website just by the looks of it. A modern website will not seem overwhelming and users won’t feel bombarded with data all at once. Implementing split-screen or card layouts are great ways to give the right amount of content in the most decent, attractive, and clean manner.


  • Impressive word usage for CTA: Anxiety-provoking CTAs that forcefully impose the activity upon users will drive them away. Words that are simple, soothing yet promising, actionable, and solution-driven are highly appealing.


  • Movement/animation: Animation is a crucial element of modern websites. It enhances interactivity tremendously and keeps visitors engaged. Adding in some funky cursors, scrollable images, home-page videos, 3D effects, parallax scrolling, etc will do wonders.

With all the above additions, the primary thing to be mindful of is whatever you create, make sure that the usability is simple and understandable even to a child.

Visual Presentation

Being in the industry of web design companies in Dubai for quite some time, we assure you that a visually appealing website does way better than a static one. Humans live through their eyes before anything else. So, what looks ecstatic to them will drive their attention. Here’s what you can do to lure the audience:

  • Minimalistic View: Modern web designs are more along the concept of ‘less is more’. People are refraining from cluttered websites and inclining towards minimalism. Neatly layered pages, texts where only necessary, and not too flashy backgrounds are the way to go.


  • Images and Colors: Relevancy is the key here. Be wise and choose the font style, size, and images that reflect the purpose of your brand/website. Bold or subtle, anything works, but should mirror your ideology!


With close to 2 billion websites on the internet, the only factor that can make the difference is user experience. A website loses its worth if it doesn’t appeal to the visitors. As a prominent website design company in Dubai, we have been crafting wonders and helping businesses build the site of their dreams. We assure you that the above tips are sure to create magic!



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