We tell you top 5 secrets about why a company profile is important for your brand?


Jan 10, 2021

We tell you top 5 secrets about why a company profile is important for your brand?

While Apple competes with Samsung and Microsoft, we all know about the infamous rivalry between McDonalds and Burger King and also between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Each of these companies sell the same products and offer similar services as that of their competitor, but what sets them apart is their Company profile.  It’s not just the language they chose while describing what they do, it’s the overall color, font, theme that persuades a reader to dig deeper.

Adversity is known to breed innovation and it’s this knowledge that has led to businesses across the world pivot their operations to tackle the challenges presented by the year 2020. Managing and running a business requires equal contribution of finances and efforts. It requires a great blend of expertise and technology as well. However, what a business needs the most is customers!!

Acquiring new customers and ensuring the existing ones continue their relationship with you, requires you to innovate and revamp more than just your business protocols. In the year 2021, developing a strong and comprehensive digital presence among changing businesses will ensure your brand stays afloat at all times.  Marketing strategies and social media is not just about survival of the fittest, it is also about what value you bring to the table.  Seasoned with experience and being one of the premier content marketing service providers, in the UAE, we tell you why having a company profile is like having a golden life-raft, that steers your business in the right direction.

A company profile is your best marketing tool

A company profile is the most inexpensive way to inform your existing and potential customers about your business. And while it helps you save a huge chunk of your marketing budget it also gives a quick look into your company, defines who you are, what you stand for and how many bridges you can cross for your consumers. It definitely takes one beyond the brand facts and communicates a distinct image.

Unified information about your brand

Ever wondered why one likes the brand Amazon so much? Whenever one is unable to find a product in a physical store, they are more than happy to turn to Amazon because it acts as a one stop shop for all your needs. Your company profile is also similar to Amazon, provided it's well curated. It outlines unified information about your brand and what it has to offer.  Right from your mission, vision to what and how you do it, a company profile is a great form of brand storytelling.

Creates brand identity

When you think of a brand that is unique, has high end products to offer, bright stores and conveys the product features creatively, Apple instantly comes to your mind. Your company profile is also meant to do the same. It needs to etch an exceptional brand image in the minds of your audience. Hence having one is of extreme importance in the year 2021.

It helps you talk about your target audience

A company profile is the best marketing tool that a company can use to capture its audience’s attention. Every business has a story to tell which is a narrative that shares your unique knowledge and expertise with others who are hungry for it. In an era, where an audience subscribes everywhere to garner digitally disseminated content, a company profile can pack a profile-boosting wallop of their own.

2021 is going to be a year of experimenting.

A company profile is one of the best vehicles for businesses to present their experiences, ideas, and disruptive points of view. It’s an entrée into other types of consulting, training, and experiential products and services. When preparing a company profile or getting one prepared, experiment with colors, themes, designs and ensure you have a company profile that’s visually appealing and speaks volumes even with clear and concise content.

A company profile highlights the uniqueness of your business to your consumers and makes a lasting impression on your readers. Company profiles literally withstands the test of time and can exist forever in the digital world, more importantly, they can be updated from time to time, which provides new reasons for redistribution. At Content by DV, we create Company profiles that helps to convert readers into promising sales leads and establishes you as an individual. Contact us today to know more. 



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