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1. Why do I need a content?

There exists a myth that anyone can write content for a blog, publication or a website. This, however, is not true. Content writing is definitely not the toughest act in the world but it requires a skill. Why write 200 words to explain a point when you can write 20? That’s the skill that writers have. They have the ability to summarize information into crisp and concise sentences that would not only give your readers a fair idea of the topic being discussed but it would also attract more readers to your website/publication because of the quality of writing.


2. Since prices are not displayed on your website, how can I be convinced of being priced fairly?

There are two reasons why we have not displayed prices on my website. Firstly, we write for people spread across the globe so currency conversion would be a task to list on the website. Also different countries have different pricing systems so we don’t want to list a price that would be extremely high for some and extremely low for some, which might make them question the quality of work we provide. Secondly, writing is an art so we cannot add a fixed price to it. Someone might require a simplified language and someone might require a different flair of writing. Since the demands are quite subjective, so would be the prices.

If you are concerned about being priced fairly, give us a call. We will share our sample works with you. If you’re still convinced, we’d be more than happy to proceed.


3. If I send you over an urgent article to write today, when is the earliest you could send me the article by?

It all depends on the word length required, whether the article is research based or it includes interview transcriptions. But in generally for urgent pieces, I would require 48 hours from the time all the required material to write including the brief is handed over to me.


4. What if I do not like your writing style?

I have uploaded lots of articles on my website for your reference, which you can check by clicking here. These would give you an idea about my writing style. Still if you are a bit concerned, we can start with one article at a time. If you like the quality, you can give me more assignments and if you don’t, then you are free to try out any other writer.


5. What if I require certain modifications to the write-up?

As a rule, once I send the first draft of the article for approval, I would like you to mark any changes in the word document and send it across. I would modify the document TWICE maximum incorporating all the changes mentioned by you. I would only make additional changes if I have mistakenly missed any marked changes in the initial feedback you sent. Hence, I would request you to thoroughly read through the first draft and get the same checked by another colleague to make sure all the changes are marked. I would send the modified version within the next 24 hours of receiving the feedback.

It may sound rigid but I believe in being honest with all my dealings. My prices are fair, competitive and so is my quality. Editing a document more than once causes confusion and delays meeting the editorial deadline. To ease it a bit for yourself and me, it would be better to stick to one set of modifications.

6. How do you charge for Arabic content?

We have the same prices for English and Arabic content. Contact us for a quote.


7. How do you charge for designing? Per hour or per project?

We have fixed rates for flyers and certain types of brochures. For books and longer brochures or business plans, we anticipate an hourly charge and quote a fixed price accordingly. Remember, each of our designs can be revised TWICE FREE OF COST after which an additional amount will be required.


8. What if I require a refund?

Firstly, if you have a complaint, we assure you to get it fixed to the best of our ability. So, if you haven’t reached out to us yet about an existing complaint, do so right away and we’ll sort it out for you.

However, if you’re still not satisfied and wish to get a refund, please write to us on
[email protected] and we’ll have your queries resolved.