How to Identify your Customers’ Path to Conversion


May 05, 2022

How to Identify your Customers’ Path to Conversion

The path to converting prospects into potential customers is long. It involves a lot of marketing tactics, strategies, and planning to finally have people who purchase. But this tedious journey can be simplified by being aware of ‘customer journey mapping’. Talk to the best SEO services in Dubai and their very first take towards better marketing strategies will be to look into the customer journey stages.

What are the different Customer Journey Stages and how do we map them?

Before any prospect turns into your profitable buyer, they go through a set of stages to make their ultimate purchase. These stages, when understood properly, can provide opportunities to formulate a convincing marketing campaign giving the people what they exactly need at that stage.

There are three customer journey stages before the final conversion:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration or evaluation
  • Decision or purchase

Once you ‘map’ which stage your prospect is in, you can throw the appropriate marketing tactics and solve their pain points at that particular stage. This step-by-step procedure helps you identify the customer’s path to conversion and most SEO services in Dubai swear by this to bring you promising marketing campaigns that lead to conversion.

Let’s get a little deeper into each of those customer journey stages.

Stage 1 - Awareness

The awareness stage is when people realize that they have a problem and want to find a solution for it. During this phase, prospects fall into a rut to research more about their issues and lookup for possible solutions.

What can you, as a business, do in the ‘Awareness Phase’?

Since people at this point of the journey are curious to extract details; you can offer them informative content that addresses their queries and guides them to what they can do. This can be done in the form of blogs, audio, or videos that are loaded with the right information. Here, SEO is the game-changer.

A reputed SEO company Dubai will have experts who can guide you through the knowhow of SEO and help you create content that connects to the audience, is properly packed with strategic keywords, and reaches the audience by ranking high on SERPs.

Stage 2 - Consideration or Evaluation

After understanding the root cause of their problems, prospects are now into finding the most appropriate solution to fix them. This is the consideration phase, where they research or evaluate different options available before finalizing a deal.

What can you do in the ‘Consideration Phase’?

Now, the prospects need proper action steps that can lead them to solve their problem. You can offer them exclusive content that guides them through the various solution types, the how-to’s for each of them, and offers insights on why your product is the best choice.

Reaching out to the best SEO company Dubai can assist you in creating effective marketing campaigns that shall talk the prospects through their pain points, some impactful solutions, and how your product/service could benefit them.

Stage 3 - Decision or Purchase

In the final phase, the prospects are committed to one of the options and look out for compelling businesses that offer their desired solution.

What you can do in the ‘Decision Phase’?

It is now time to play the final card and be that desired business for your customer. Show them how your brand stands out from the crowd. Design compelling content, eye-catching images, promising web copies, and emails. SEO agency Dubai can do the best job here, as they are well-equipped to portray your business in the most appealing and strategically-built manner.


Tracking your customer’s journey across different stages and offering them the exact solution they need at that stage is the best way to gain conversions. But it is quite difficult to do it all alone. Hence, joining hands with a trusted SEO company in Dubai is the ideal way to bring in more leads at a faster pace. The professionals at the best SEO company Dubai are adept at customer journey mapping and hold sound knowledge to create effective marketing campaigns that convert your prospects into ideal buyers!



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