How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy In 2021


Jun 24, 2021

How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy In 2021

SEO techniques and the robustness it represents are constantly evolving. Search engines like Google are getting more intelligent and more powerful in time. Today, search engines do not only analyze and understand the very essence of web pages but also know how to keep people engaged.


Why does SEO strategy matter?

If the website has organic listings, it will drive around 20x more clicks than PPC and paid ads in the search giant’s SERPs. Organizations have revealed that they found 5X value from Google’s Search Engine rather than Google Ads. By the looks of it, Organic search devices have around 150% more ROI than the PPC and CPC.

Long story short, SEO plays a critical role to define the goals of organizations. They also help in launching significant SEO initiatives. Let’s explore some of the effective SEO techniques to aid you in driving organic traffic.


• Create a Keyword List

Search Engine Optimization heavily relies on the sheer power of keywords. Moreover, this is also the reason why keyword research is the first step for a robust SEO strategy. You can rely on Google Suggest to find keywords to get your products listed in searches. You can also use other tools to search-relevant keywords for products and services.

Make sure that you use Long-Tail keywords as they play a crucial role in terms of voice search. The long-tail keywords comprise three words or more.


• Analyze the first page of Google Search

Once you’re done with keyword searching, you need to begin working on the keywords. Now type in the keyword on the search option. Take notes on what you notice on the first page. Here, you’ll uncover SERPs, which are an essential element for SEO Tools. If you wish to cover the same topic on your website, improvise.

• Create something better or completely different

The key is to create content with superior quality. When it comes to writing SEO content, you’ve only two options:

• Create some different

• Create some better

If your content is different or even if it is ten times better, your content will index and scroll on Google Search Engine.


• Improve UX on websites

Pinpointing the problems in a website’s User Experience is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. The problem with the UX of one website is very much different from other websites.

There are few tools you can use to check the score of your website’s UX:

• Crazy Egg

• Optimizely

• Google Optimize

• ClickFlow


• Increase the speed of websites

It’s been almost a decade that Google did realize the importance of the performance elements such as website speed. Today, super fast websites are better at ranking than the ones that aren’t fast. Speed is essential to break the performance of the site in Google Search or make them.


If you want to test your website’s speed, there are several tools that you can rely on. Additionally, you can also improve the site of the rate, such as:

• Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

• PageSpeed Insights

• Test My Site


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