5 Content marketing trends you must know if you have a business in 2021


May 27, 2021

5 Content marketing trends you must know if you have a business in 2021

Colossal changes characterized content marketing in 2020-21. Brands tapped into the market of blogs, articles, video, and visual content to position themselves in the audiences' minds.


The fast-paced industry evolves with imminent trends every other month. Here are some of the trends we think will make it big in June 2021 and beyond!


  • Repurposing Content


Gone are the days when you could copy-paste the same content across platforms from your company's page and expect it to seize the viewers' attention with the same enthusiasm.


Every social media platform has a different reach, algorithm, and mechanisms for organic growth.


As a content marketer, you should understand the nuances of all platforms and repurpose the same content so you can maximize its potential.


A hit reel on Instagram has to be condensed to work on a microblogging site like Twitter.


  • Podcasts


All of us have turned to our glaring laptop screens with the onset of the pandemic. A much-needed breather from this exertion is audio! Whether it is podcasts or audiobooks, the efforts to get our ears' attention are definitely up for grabs!


2021 holds the record for hours spent listening to podcasts with 15 billion hours compared to 12 billion just two years ago.


All the more reason for you to invest in good content through audio media!


  • SEO and Value-Driven Content


Companies are almost at war with the SEO functions to defeat optimization hurdles and rank better. Simultaneously, search engine semantics are getting more intelligent by the day.


Soon enough, value-driven, information-packed, and well-researched content will take the front seat and rule the SEO game!


Your brand's focus shouldn't solely be on keyword research. Give ample amount of care to your actual content as well.


  • Personalized Content


Customized content backed by automation and AI will sweep the industry off its feet in the coming months! Every landing page will have a personalized method to engage with the viewers.


Why is that important, though? Because consumers today want to feel special.


84 % of consumers say being treated like a person, not a number, is crucial to winning their business.


This ideological shift will surely seep into the marketing world, as it already has begun!


  • Long-tail Keywords


If there's one thing long-tail keywords assure you, it's more traffic and less competition!

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that searchers use.

Once your research on keywords is complete, look at the long-tail keywords and incorporate them into your content to rank better in 2021!

Trends are temporary, but content marketing is here to stay.


Be timeless yet relevant to current times with your content strategies.


Success is sure to knock at your door!


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