5 important branding lessons from Apple


Mar 22, 2021

5 important branding lessons from Apple

How Apple became a larger-than-life name using Branding and not Advertising

How long do you take before you decide to purchase a gadget for yourself?

Probably a few days, right? What if we told you that there is a brand where overall, on average, people spend at least a quarter of a year planning to buy one of its products.

A brand that is worth two trillion, not only has great products, but is synonymous with revolutionizing technology and luxury, and also being able to eliminate complexity from people’s lives. Yes, that's Apple for you.

With 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use overall across the globe, it simply goes to show that Apple is just not the leader in the retail sector but has also set some remarkable standards for personalized customer service, minimal store design, and easy checkout. It has been able to establish a strong bond with its consumers, which no other brand has been able to surpass.

Brands are reprioritizing their marketing strategies to adapt to their customers’ needs even more after the Pandemic. However, Apple has always been aware of consumer’s needs and offered solutions even before customers asked for them. How did they manage all this excellence? Simple, by always being relevant, customer-centric, and topping the industry charts. Through this content that has exclusively been curated by Content by Diksha Vohra, we tell you 5 unique ways Apple brands itself differently.

No Tech Talk

Wait, what? A brand that has massively reformed and revolutionized the way we use our gadgets has rarely bragged about it. It’s impossible to believe, but Apple’s marketing ethos has been all about customers, feelings, and emotions. So instead of talking about their state-of-the-art configurations, they use terms that people connect with. Terms like, ‘thinnest ever’ or ‘the most advanced yet', that make people feel they have a very special product with them.

Content is the key ingredient in every marketing formula. How you position your product plays an important role in shaping customer perceptions. Content can help you achieve this and must be the focus of all your marketing strategies.If you would like to understand what kind of content you should market, give us a call and we'll help you with it.

Collective Identity

All of us carry our own unique identity, yet the thrill of owning an Apple product and joining its community is something different. Did you know that one in four Apple customers say that they have chosen Apple because their friends and family had the same product? The brand has been able to capitalize on people’s need to feel they are a part of something cool and huge.


Simplicity is equivalent to the sophistication

While most of us attach luxury and uniqueness to Apple’s products, the brand came into existence to remove the complexity from people’s lives. Steve Jobs based the idea of Apple to create not just a technology-driven but a people-driven product design. Hence every platform, including laptops, phones, desktops, watches, tablets, and music streaming is all about simplicity merged with stylishness.

Customer Service Above Everything

Apple understands that using a new device can be challenging, hence they deliver the same experience across their website, app store, and product software. The devices interact with each other while making your life hassle-free and efficient. With Apple, you always have a solution to everything.

In the case of Apple, sales, big discounts, black Friday sales, all don’t matter because it is not just perceived as a luxurious brand, it is one! They offer more than just a comparison between price and quality. They offer experiences like none other and earn customer loyalty in return.

From 6K giant video walls to global content to break the conventional way of doing things, Apple is everything synonymous with elite, seamless, innovation, and expertise. While the gap between Apple users and Android users may still be a big one to fill in, we hope through Apple’s customer adaptability and ability to constantly innovate, you’ve learned some really valuable tricks of the trade.


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