How does Good Content boost your Business Sales?


Sep 17, 2020

How does Good Content boost your Business Sales?

Good Content plays a major role at attracting and retaining customers in such a digital world where it is all about keeping audiences entertained and engaged. It aims at widening the audience, generating product/brand awareness and generating business leads to directly impact the revenues.


Content Marketing is such a digital marketing phrase that is being talked about almost everywhere right now. However, the perception that this is something new is quite a bit inaccurate. While, Content Selling has otherwise been a regular practice across the years, in distinct forms such as white papers, reports etc., it is receiving great tactical focus these days, even by the smallest of organizations. Valuable business content proves greatly significant for business growth and advancement.  Read ahead to know how revenues can be boosted merely by supplying quality content:

  1. Indulges Audiences and Fosters Brand Image

How: Entertaining Videos, interesting blog contents, and other kinds of engaging media, help in drawing attention towards the business and facilitate brand retention. It draws them to the site of such content repeatedly in search of expected recreation and fosters a healthy Brand Image. They may even share the content by their own means thus bringing new customers to point of sale.  

Quick Tip: Use short videos, info-graphics and gifs, to make things more interesting; give away e-gifts like desktop/phone wallpapers related to your product/service. For instance, Tastemade, a food channel uploads wallpapers with attractive graphics and clipart along with interesting captions.


  1. Builds Trust and Molds Buyer Behavior

How: Content speaks for the Seller and could convince the buyer of the product quality, explain its features and list out potential uses and hence is meant to be impactful. It should create such a picture of the Seller in the mind of the Buyer so as to positively incline him towards subsequent purchase.

Quick Tip: Highlight advantages of the product/service being offered instead of listing out all the features.


  1. Builds Brand Loyalty

How: Content serves as a direct reflection of the ideology of the company.  It creates an emotional socio-effect upon the audiences and reserves for the business, a special space in their lives. This link with the customers builds certain brand preferences and is responsible for repeated sales.

Quick Tip: Highlight how your product will help making day-to-day lives better and give desired results to the consumer and their loved ones. Bournvita’s ads excel at showcasing how it will help nurture your child, hence attracting mothers.


  1. Supports SEO and Increases Website Traffic

How: Content involving use of AdWords shall help the website appear at the top of search results, hence increasing the chance of being discovered by new customers. Pulling more traffic to the website equals pushing sales revenue by volumes. It puts an end to any possible trade barriers and enables the organization to sell across countries.

Quick Tip: Use Google Keyword Planner to plan your content to give the required impetus to the website for easy discoverability on Search Engines.



  1. Facilitates B2B Trading and increases E mail Response Rates

How: Developing good content takes effort and time. Investing in the same shows how sincere the organisation is about offering a genuine product that is worth the buyer’s money. Moreover, it gives other business houses, a reference to the business foundation and builds trust. Such trust gives rise to important business connections and paves way for effective communication between the two.

Quick Tip: Always include a short formal introduction of the business, and a mission statement to give a clear idea of the objectives and aims.








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