10 Powerful Content Automation Tools


Jan 10, 2021

10 Powerful Content Automation Tools

As per a study conducted by Co-Schedule, a business spends up to 6 hours on average creating content. This makes curating innovative and engaging content a time-consuming task for anyone. For it to reach the right audience, it needs to be precise and entertaining. We share some amazing tips that will help you create stellar content at just the click of a button in a cost-effective way.

Content is the most influential thing that exists as of today. It is even more powerful than marketing and is a segment that is continuously evolving and one definitely needs to keep up the pace.

Often repeating the same tasks which yield average results can be extremely frustrating. It also takes away the time you could spend in helping your brand progress, as you are mostly engrossed in producing informative and appealing content. However, there definitely exists an easier way to deal with this and that too in a lesser time.

Through artificial intelligence (AI), one can easily collect data and generate leads that help in marketing relevant content to the desired audience, by using the most appropriate tools. AI makes personalization, and advertising of content hassle-free and quick.

As a premier content marketing company, we share the top secrets of the trade that help you manage the immortal technique of content and assist your brand to flourish. The demand for AI-powered content tools is increasing and we tell you about the best 10 tools that help you manage content efficiently.

It quickly converts data into an interesting narrative. An AI-powered tool that produces written analytics by transforming any given data. It also offers insight that easily correlates relates to humans, organizations, and different objectives of the company.

It’s a natural language generation platform that works just like our brain and gives a personalized description as well. It uses data and insights from every aspect of business that the consumer may be interested in additionally making the content interactive.

Who said, machines can’t function like humans? Articoolo helps to ritualize any given article just like humans. Right from understanding the concept of a given topic, to analyzing detailed information, it will write, clear, concise, and crisp information for you.

Word AI
As per a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute, Blogs and Articles are still used by 73% of marketers and almost 56% of digital marketing experts still prefer referring to eBooks.
Writing is a often considered a lengthy task and gets tougher when you only have a limited list of keywords. However, Word AI converts your list of keywords into meaningful sentences and quickly generates relatable content. It’s as good as having a conversation with a human!

Article Forge
Often, we come across content that leaves us speechless. We may want to recreate that content but often struggle to do so. With Article Forge, rewriting articles just got easier and quicker. It reads an array of articles based on your topic and rewrites a captivating article for you.

Content is not just about a list of words, a certain text format or lengthy sentences. It is also about creating aesthetically beautiful images that relay your message easily. With more than 30 million people using Canva each month, it is one of the best content creation tools. Canva provides different content templates for various social media and web platforms which helps you to create winning content.

AI Writer
AI Writer is a simple and powerful content creation tool that produces high-quality and SEO-optimized content. While you are busy growing your brand, it also helps you build a website with a list of website templates that are available on its platform. It is a magic wand for content automation indeed as it generates great content for you.

Scoop. it
As a business, finding the right strategies and guidance can be challenging. Scoop It is a predictive content writing platform that uses your past content performance insights and provides suggestions based on best content marketing practices. Planning content strategies and making them work in a jiffy is almost a breeze with Scoop It.

Content is a beautiful amalgamation of videos, text, and images. Creating videos is an intricate task and Tube buddy makes this task easy by helping you optimize your videos and save time.

Quuu Promote
It isn’t always easy to create content on a daily basis hence Quuu helps to schedule content based on your convenience. It helps marketers deploy their strategies easily. The plus point is that the content also gets reviews by their in-house team which helps to diminish any content errors as well.

With 58% of marketers using content automation tools to upsell their products, it’s one of the best inventions for digital marketing. You can additionally use Content marketing tools like HubSpot, Tailwind or NetSuite to effectively start and manage campaigns. Additionally, you can always connect with us so that our team of experts can quickly help you fulfill all your content-related needs.


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