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Strategy & Process mapping services

Sales Strategy & Process mapping services in dubai

Are you struggling to increase your sales conversions? We can HELP!

Let’s face it, even if all other wings of our business are running well, if we don’t have good sales, we don’t grow. Sales, undoubtedly, is the pillar on which a business is built and it is also the fuel that is required to grow the business to better heights.

However, we often find ourselves struggling with securing good leads. And even when we get them, our closing ratio may sometimes not be satisfactory. The ultimate purpose, however, is to increase lead generation and increase conversion which can happen through a streamlined Sales Strategy and Process.


WSales Strategy & Process mapping serviceshat is Sales Strategy?

It is the process of expanding our lead generation channels, specific to our industry, which could help us get a consistent flow of quality leads throughout the year. 


Why is it important?

Businesses which struggle with leads mostly end up realising that they were knocking at the wrong doors. Not every business generates quality leads through every platform. Identification of latest trends, competitors, new channels are all important to generate a consistent flow of leads.

We help you identify channels that work for your industry, with your current bandwidth of staff.


What will I get out of the consultation?

A full proof strategy highlighting which channels should you choose for lead generation, how you need to do it, and within what timelines. The strategy is prepared keeping your average ticket price, marketing budgets and growth potential in mind.


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What is a sales process?

The journey you take your clients through right from when they approach you to when they close with you is called sales process. Identifying which messages are going to be sent at which stage to push your clients towards closure is what we help with.


Why is it important?

If you’re getting a lot of leads and converting a handful, the problem most likely is with your sales process. Giving too much information too soon, following up too often without adding value are all issues most businesses undergo when they sell. We teach you exactly what to share at which stage with the client so you build authority, credibility, control the flow of the conversation and get them to take a decision. This process will help you manage ghosting clients well, manage timelines, close better at a higher value.


What is the process?

Stage 1 - We will have a quick kick-off call with your team understanding your brand, USPs and sales process.


Stage 2 - We will device a stage wise plan based on our research and competitor analysis along with relevant email and WhatsApp template messages to be shared.

Stage 3 - We will sit with you, go through each stage and teach you how to handle objections at each stage with the right content



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