Top Content Marketing Tips That Are Sure to Drive Organic Traffic in 2021


Dec 15, 2020

Top Content Marketing Tips That Are Sure to Drive Organic Traffic in 2021

There are 3 simple rules for a content marketing strategy to yield fantastic results - content, traffic and revenue. The best part is that all these 3 rules are entwined with each other and are directly proportional. As per a report by the state of inbound, 41% of content marketers say that their content writing and content creation is generating a great return on their investment. Experts have time and again confirmed that content writing is one of the best mediums to position a brand and connect with wide audiences simultaneously.

It’s important to continuously make content more interesting, more helpful and more engaging. Through effective content writing one can easily fine tune SEO content and even improve the search engine results. The content that a professional content writer curates, will drive organic traffic, engagement, and conversion.

Here are quick SEO content writing tips that will help you create highly engaging content and eventually lead to an increased rate of traffic and conversion.

Content Quality

Search engines definitely focus on multiple factors when ranking a certain brand but content quality tops the list. For your content to be on page one on SERP, it needs to be detailed and concise based on the message it's portraying. It needs to be well-written and be essentially relevant to the users. Basecamp, a project management software company, gets it right from the start by including all of these times in their content.

Keywords are your pathway to success

Recently, more than 70% of our keywords topped the google ranking system. It is important that you pack your content with specific high search volume keywords when writing content. You can use various analytical tools to find out the most searched keywords and trace the search volumes. Normally up to 15 keywords are recommended for use in articles. Another tip for using keywords, is to use synonyms of particular keywords

Provide unique and useful content.

As per an internet statistics report, there are 2.7 million blog posts being published every day which makes content saturated in almost every vertical. The best way to connect with your audience is to offer ideas or information that people will rarely find elsewhere is so important in this age of content.

Content writing is a mix of images, graphics, colors and humor.

Content writing is not just about textual information. Good quality and engaging content include a perfect blend of text, images, videos, design and humor. Humor is likely to connect with audiences of every age and location. When curating content for your business, ensure to keep these tips in mind.

Network through content writing

Adding links of other people’s work is a good thing provided you give them relevant credit in your content. As a general norm of content writing, citing other people’s works opens up opportunities for networking. Including statistics and quotes from credible sources, tagging them and giving them relevant credit can be a great way to network and boost your SEO as well.

Always use the AIDA formula for content writing.

A captivating headline will convince people to click and a strong introduction will convince people to read. Use the AIDA formula which simply stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Content writers grab the attention of their readers with a powerful intro and through effective content writing, get them to take action.

Always ask for feedback and continue to share tips

Asking for feedback when writing content is a great way to connect with your audience and modify your content strategy. Don’t just be the one talking always, ask for feedback, implement and then showcase your work thanking your audience for the ideas. Share easy DIY tips, Tips of Do’s and Don’ts, and make your content reader friendly always.

To increase organic traffic results, content writing requires ongoing efforts. Follow these tips and monitor the content’s performance continuously to achieve the best results. A seasoned content marketing agency can assist you by producing engaging content that is SEO-friendly to increase brand visibility and drive traffic. For expert advice, contact us here.



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