Struggling with post pandemic scenarios? Here are the 3 ways to ease the business processes.


Jul 06, 2021

Struggling with post pandemic scenarios? Here are the 3 ways to ease the business processes.

There's always a silver lining in the darkest of thunderclouds.


The world that resides beneath and beyond our mobile, laptop, and computer screens is marvellous.


When COVID-19 hit us, businesses were one of the most affected sectors by it. But the digital universe proved to be a knight in shining armour for them! People were suddenly learning how to use Zoom, companies started to push strategies for their digital marketing 

and brands took advantage of social media as a tool to stay relevant.


Staying at home became the safer option. But now, we’ll explain to you why it also might have become the better option for up and coming businesses!


1. Remote working has led to a reduction in costs.

We all remember that time when the "kid Interrupted a BBC interview". As much as it was hilarious to watch, we also must acknowledge that life has become way more comfortable since we started working from home.

Work from home is flexible and has liberated office-goers from packing lunch, rushing to the metro station, and spending long hours coming back home.

From a business owner's perspective, remote working has cut costs by leaps and bounds. By not having employees come to an office all day, companies save on a lot of expenses. Brands are getting more and more accustomed to this online office set-up. In fact, many have already or plan to do away with a physical office and entirely shift to an online workspace! 

In the long term, remote working will not only save costs but also revolutionise the work environment.


2. New small businesses are cropping up.

• What is the last thing you'd think of when the whole world is going through one of history's biggest economic dips?


• Opening up a new business?


Well, thousands of people don't think so!

For example, in the US, around 5 million new businesses have been created during the pandemic!

Why did the COVID recession push this increase in new small and medium businesses across the globe?

The reasons behind this could vary depending on which sector we consider.


When it comes to the tech industry, they are experiencing a boost in demand for innovative technological products. Hence they are burning the midnight oil to deliver excellent services to their target audience!


Small creative businesses like marketing agencies, handmade crafts stores, and other local stores have sprung up due to virtual marketing! 


New-age entrepreneurs have taken on the pandemic as a boon to scale up their business by digital means. This fresh and optimistic outlook has led millions of business ideas to see the light of the day! Young minds are racing to make their side hustle their full-time business. They are mainly capitalising on content marketing 

to sell their products!


3. We now heavily rely on technology, software, and applications.

"For every office need, there is an application that exists to resolve it.", said every business owner in 2021!

At the risk of sounding dated, technology has come a long way. But the drastic changes that took place post-COVID are quite impressive.

The world never expected to be locked up in their homes for almost 2 years. Yet, here we are, getting more used to our laptop screens by the day.

But how did we manage to do that?

The tech masterminds facilitated us with smart solutions in every aspect of a business that one may need. From projects to human resources, financial management to client relationship management—we have software for all.


According to Stanford, the dependency on automated systems has increased our productivity by 13%!

For your meetings and brainstorming sessions: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet

For smooth customer management: Zoho CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud

For easy internal data management: Google workspace, Notion, OneDrive, Freshdesk

For employee surveillance: Hubstaff, VeriClock

For efficient project management: BaseCamp, Nifty, Zoho Projects

With the preference for remote working spreading like wildfire, the world is set to see a massive improvement in employees' productivity in a positive direction!



What does the future look like?

Needless to say, COVID has been a massive challenge that medical experts are still navigating every second.

However, new businesses have broken into the clouds and proved that if you have an idea that has the potential to add value to your audience, it can work no matter what comes in its way — a pandemic, online workspaces, or a tense economy.


Not just that, successful entrepreneurs of the COVID era have shown the world that it's not just possible but also highly profitable and beneficial!






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