Do We Require Different Content For Marketing In Different Countries?


Sep 17, 2020

Do We Require Different Content For Marketing In Different Countries?

Content Marketing!


It is a buzzword these days. Every brand that wants to be heard by its audience is engaged in blogging and various other content marketing endeavours.


However, some of them seem to overlook one important thing. That is, you have to market different content to the different target audience.


For instance, if you are primarily targeting US-based audience, then you have to use American English instead of British English.


Similarly, there are so many other ways in which you have to tailor your content to market in different countries.


1. British English vs American English


You’d think, does it really matter if you write, ‘honour’ or ‘honor’.


Sorry to break it to you, but yes it does.


And more often than not, differences turn out to be more intricate than mere spellings. For instance, when you say you will table something, it has two different meaning in both the variants. The British variant meanest propose something and bring it forward, while its American counterpart means to set it aside.


So, you have to assess your audience before you start blogging. If your target audience belongs to a country where they use British English, then write in British English, otherwise, make sure that you write in American English.


2. Publish According To The Time-Zone


Publishing your content at the wrong time can actually derail all your content marketing efforts. Therefore, it is important to schedule your content publishing time as per your target audience.


For example, a blog published at noon in New York City reaches the audience in Sydney at 2 AM.


So, it is important to assess some key points about your audience, such as:


  • Where is your audience located?
  • What demographic you have in each time zone?
  • When are they more likely to browse on the internet?


3. Translate Your Blog Content


If you realize that your audience is scattered in different countries all around the world, the best thing to do is to offer a translation feature for your blog content.


And you don’t have to go any hassle to do that. You just have to add a plugin to your blog that enables translation function for your blog.


Pro Tip: Don’t go overboard and select all the unnecessary languages as it might end up slowing down your website. Only add the languages of the countries your audience is coming from. 


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