5 branding secrets of Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple that you could use to win over your clients


Feb 23, 2023

5 branding secrets of Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple that you could use to win over your clients

It goes without saying, that social media has now become the most competitive space for brands, and in order for any brand to succeed and stand out from the rest, effective social media marketing strategies are essential.


An effective social media marketing strategy for the year 2023, in my opinion, will be one that would incorporate emerging trends, along with using some of the basics of social media marketing principles.


Here is a lowdown of the pillars for the right kind of social media marketing strategy in 2023.


1. Building a Customer Persona


Customer persona represents a group of similar people in a desirable audience. The personas are created with certain demographic information about the customers such as age, location, occupation, education, etc.


In my opinion, getting to know your target audience and identifying their pain points makes it easier to create content that the potential customers will better identify themselves with.


2. Choosing the Right Platform


I feel choosing the right social media platform is like connecting the dots. It is essentially matching up your ideal customers with the social media platform most likely to be used by them.


For example, B2B businesses can get their true worth by being present on networking platforms like LinkedIn or Clutch than being on platforms like Instagram or Facebook.


3. Relevant Brand Language


Based on the kind of audience you are trying to reach, maintaining consistent brand language on social media helps increase brand awareness, build trust and recognizability. Other than using relevant language, in my opinion, relevant images also play a crucial role in digital space. It is with these different symbols of communication, that the audience recognizes the brand.


4. Paid Advertising


Paid advertising gives an opportunity to increase your visibility and find new customers online. I think paid advertising if done right on the right platform can offer your brand the much-needed boost in reaching potential customers online.


5. Keeping Up With Marketing Trends


Social media platforms keep changing and trends keep emerging. What might be working now, may not prove to be effective after a while. Another thumb rule for a successful marketing strategy is to keep track of emerging trends. However, I think, it is equally important to categorize which trend would work and which wouldn’t for the brand.


Marketing is an expense if not done right. The right kind of marketing is not only an investment but the best way to use resources in an efficient manner for positive results.




Social media marketing, if done right always acts as an investment. There is a whole wide world of social media available for businesses to engage with massive audiences. With a large audience using social media platforms, there is an equal amount of competitive brands trying their best to reach the same audience.


It majorly depends on your social media strategies on how well you utilize the space and expand. It is no longer an option for businesses to have an effective marketing strategy. In a nutshell, for achieving growth, attracting customers, and staying on top of the competition, utilizing the right strategies is key.


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