6 brands 6 amazing marketing campaigns


May 03, 2021

6 brands 6 amazing marketing campaigns

77% of customers refer to certain products just because of their brand name and 59% of customers prefer to buy products from a familiar brand. Now, more than ever, people are putting their trust and choosing brands whose marketing, messaging, and value goes way beyond what the product is! With 71% of consumers considering a brand’s identity and worthiness before making a purchase, have you ever wondered how to build such a brand?

Companies are rapidly embracing this change and are investing in brand marketing over standard product marketing. We help you explore some great brands and their initiatives that have been influential and transformed the marketing scene entirely.


  • Volkswagen  commercials

When Volkswagen wanted to introduce the Passat car, it simply used the tagline,’ The Force’, inspired by the Star Wars series. The ad had no mention of the price, its features, or its capabilities, it simply had an emotional connection where a child simply succeeded to start the car by just using, ‘The Force’. The USP was simply to stress the relationship between the brand and the consumer and VW’s (Volkswagen) Passat was able to do just that.


  • Nike’s viral marketing campaigns

Nike as a brand has always explored issues of race, gender, and equality besides highlighting the global situation. Their simple three-word tagline has always managed to win hearts. Nike has established a connection with people where the price of the product doesn’t really matter. What matters is the quality, and the trust people have in it. Nike’s ads always speak about the emotions of its target audience and also give out messages that matter to society.


  • Personalization of Ads and presenting products in an unusual way

Netflix and Amazon are classic examples of how personalization can transform consumer behavior.  Almost 90% of people say that they find personalization appealing and the movie and product recommendations from both these brands emulate just that. Various other brands that used personalization of consumer data, products, and email campaigns are Lays, Cadbury, Starbucks, etc. The way Puma presented its lightweight shoes caught everyone’s attention and gave the brand a unique push in the market.


  • Burger King and Mc Donald’s aced video marketing

Whether it was the Burger King’s moldy burger campaign that laid stress on being authentic, real, and preservative-free or the return of the Mac by McDonald’s campaign, both these brands had millions of people associating with them. All they did was they listened to their audience and sent out a simple yet strong video message.


  • Sensitive Issues being covered by brands like Gillette and Tanishq

Societal issues or not, both these brands have always spoken about things that matter. Sometimes a certain segment of society gets left behind but what Gillette and Tanishq have in common is that they talk about things that are important and sometimes considered taboo by society.


  • Coca-Cola and its experiential marketing strategies

Ads about friendship, relationships, and humanity in general, Coca-cola is one of the most recognized and loved brands in the world. Whether it’s releasing a song that the entire world sang or turning strangers into friends, Coca-Cola, through its ad campaigns where it lets people experience that product, has always spread messages of optimism, appealed to the masses, and has earned the image of a brand that spreads joy.


Social media apps, influencer marketing, visual search, and integrating AI into their marketing campaigns have time and again helped these brands and many more, gain an edge over others.  We at DDV too continuously incorporate innovative methods of digital and content marketing to help your brand to climb up the curve. Contact us today to know more and discover how your brand can thrash its competition.


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