Important facts about how people view a website and its relevance to your brand.


Jan 10, 2021

Important facts about how people view a website and its relevance to your brand.

We highlighted the essential and critical elements of a website in our last blog however did you know that less than 64% of small businesses have a website? Also, 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting it or making a purchase and 94% of small business websites are mobile friendly. All these statistics prove that having a website is extremely imperative for a business. A website not only denotes your products and services but is also the pathway that connects you to your consumers and helps your business flourish.

A company may invest a lot of funds into developing a website however a little market research definitely goes a long way. It is extremely important to understand your audience and the market before you create and develop a website. Here are top facts one must know about how their audience views any website:

Choose text over pictures.

Yes, you read it right. Aesthetically beautiful images are cool to look at but people would like to gain information about your brand and what you offer. So, it’s best that you create an intriguing and a stellar story about your brand and what you offer to ensure you attract more audience.

People view your website from the top left corner.

When a reader or a consumer visits your site, they view your website in a letter ‘F’ pattern. It’s how the human mind has been trained to search for data and information. It works best if you make use of this by fact by laying out your most important messages in this area and try to make your value proposition clear.

Fancy fonts may not always have a classy effect.

Fancy fonts look pretty however an average reader may find it difficult to decode the message you try to portray. People use online services to save on time and costs and a font that is difficult to read, is sure to put them off hence its better to use readable and simple fonts.

Bigger images create a better impact

You may be tempted to include all images of all your products and services however its best to use bigger pictures on your landing page to grab the attention of your audience.  It’s best to include a concrete call of action on these images to drive more traffic.

Use short paragraphs and bullet points.

The ease of readability keeps your audience hooked for long. A shorter attention span in readers mean, they will be miss out on reading long paragraphs. Hence, its best to list down points while mentioning important information about the brand

Carefully align the placement of ads on your website

Has it ever happened to you that while reading an article you end up on an entirely different website? The chances are high that this was a well-placed in-content ad. Usually, ads that are placed on the top or left part of your website and ads that are placed inside or below well written content, generate more views.

Your audience spends more time scrolling through menus and tabs on the website

Menus and tabs are generally what lead us to find solutions to our problems. Visitors pay extra attention to these as they want to see what the options are available. The website menu and tabs need to be carefully defined to ensure you attract more audience.

Some points from this list are pretty basic and elementary, but a good reminder never hurts. These principles are useful while creating high-converting landing pages. If you need any assistance with website designing, layout or simply need help with content, do contact us today.


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