83% marketers use video content for digital marketing and here are 7 reasons why you must use it as well.


Jan 11, 2021

83% marketers use video content for digital marketing and here are 7 reasons why you must use it as well.

Imagine this, you receive two forwarded memes on your phone with the same content, one is an image and the other one is a video. Which of these is most likely to be reshared by you?

We are assuming that the video will get shared more frequently than the image because what we see and hear creates a lasting impression on our minds rather than what we just see!

In the last five years, the importance of videos has grown drastically by 15%. Almost 93% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy and it has grown from 78% in 2015. The consumption of video especially online video is growing rapidly. People are creating video content using multiple online platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram reels more frequently now than ever.

Audio sounds and videos become viral easily and serve as great mediums to put your message out to people. In the year 2021, people are expected to spend about 100 minutes daily watching videos.

Brands no longer can simply suffice on just written content and images. It fails to lure customers who are besieged by interactive videos, live streaming, artificial intelligence, and a lot more. Multiple brands across the globe are able to gauge the importance of video marketing and are investing in it.  If you are not even close to participating in this virtual race, then you must begin now!

In case these reasons are not enough to change your mind, we give you 7 more reasons why videos are an important part of your marketing strategy?

Videos are extremely engaging.

People connect with video content more easily than they do with text. Right from informative videos for kids to social media content, top-notch brands are incorporating different types of videos in their digital marketing strategy.  Video marketing is a great way to reach the maximum audience and put out your brand message easily in the market. Right from Johnson’s, Starbucks, to Dominoes, they have all create people-powered videos that tell compelling stories.

It boosts conversions and sales.

Videos narrate your brand story flawlessly. They even capture your audience’s message for a long and your audience can easily gauge what’s in it for them, from a video. Videos when added on the landing page of a website are known to increase conversions by 80%

Provides great Return on Investment.

Making videos can be challenging. However, if you incorporate the right elements, make them entertaining, and use them to express your company’s core objective and values, they provide a good return on investment. This has been confirmed by 83% of businesses who used videos to reach out to their audience.

It’s loved by Google.

When people watch videos, they are engaging longer with your brand. Longer connections and exposure certify the authenticity and creativity of your content. As per Moovly, the chances of your brand showing up quickly on Google are 53% higher if you incorporate videos in your content strategy.

Videos appeal the most to mobile users.

Videos and mobile are almost synonymous and are inseparable. More than 90% of users watch videos on their phones. With the increase in the demand for OTT platforms and everything going online, reaching out to your audience is made easier through videos.  Video consumption on YouTube increases by almost 100% every year.  When creating videos for your brand, you need to focus on the smartphone viewing capability as well as mobile users are twice more likely to watch videos on their phone as compared to desktop or television.

There is something in it for everyone.

Most of us are on the move, extremely busy and our attention span is short-lived. Watching videos seems like the easiest task to do for anyone. In today’s day and age, going to the store to experience a product can be cumbersome for many. Explainer videos, commercials, and product videos make reaching out to customers in any part of the world extremely easy.  In simple words, through video marketing, you can reach out to the most introverted buyers as well.

Get’s reshared easily.

Videos can be quickly shared and floated from one platform to the other. You can share them with or without a caption as videos are self-explanatory.  With every social media platform introducing a video feature, 93% of marketers have been able to acquire a new customer because of a video on social media.

Video marketing guarantees results. You can never go wrong with videos. Including a blend of social content, testimonials, product videos and narratives can help leverage your brand growth. Almost 74% of people have either bought a product or downloaded an app after watching a video and videos have often led to an increase in sales for 80% of marketers.

All these statistics and features of video content, make it an absolute necessity for your business.




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