Why is website design the most important element of SEO?


Nov 26, 2020

Why is website design the most important element of SEO?

Google currently holds more than 90% of the total search engine market share and since Google possesses the answers to almost every question, it is safe to say that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.  As a brand or an individual, it is imperative for you to create and sustain an online presence. A website is what paves way for a successful brand journey. Your website is more than just a platform where you showcase your products and services, it’s a clear portrayal of your story. For a story to be read, re-read and shared, a beautiful amalgamation of images, videos, colours and design is what is needed.

To ensure your website yields you the results you desire, it’s important to focus on numerous factors simultaneously. If you want to rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), it takes more than just SEO. A well-designed website will help you avoid the risk of squandering all organic equity you have built. SEO and Website design work more seamlessly than many other factors of digital marketing.

The components of a website design and SEO flow together so well that, when executed correctly, your website audience should not actually notice anything about your creation, instead they should simply start navigating through the site. As a business owner, you must understand that both are correlated and any failure in recognizing this fact could adversely affect your business. In short, a good website design has the potential to impact everything from SEO and number of visitors to conversion rates and branding.

Website design and SEO work hand in hand and there are more reasons than one for each playing a pivotal role in leveraging your brand value. We tell you about 4 important reasons why website design is important for your SEO?

Mobile – Friendliness

You have great content and your business is fabulous at managing the gamut of content however if you don’t have a mobile-friendly web design, chances are you will lag behind in the game of ranking and SEO. Almost half a decade ago, Google made the web site's mobile-friendliness a factor for ranking and soon introduced the mobile-first indexing in 2017. A website with a high bounce rate due to not loading properly on a phone or tablet is going to send bad signals to Google, and instead of sky-rocketing, your rankings could plummet.


Easy to read

You spend a lot of time curating content and use the best of graphics too. However, all these efforts won’t pay off if your web design doesn’t let your users’ access or read content easily. Hyperlinks are great to increase SEO however web pages with blocks of content, with too many hyperlinks that don’t serve a clear purpose, essentially push away any audience that you managed to bring onto your site. The web design, readability of text and how the content is placed, are huge factors that determine the website SEO.


Speed is everything.

A standard user would abandon their visit to a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

In a world, where we are used to everything happening in a jiffy, the speed of a website is one of the most important aspects of technical SEO. Did you know that the page speed is also known as the ranking signal?  It is essential that besides working on your content and layout, you spend time speeding up your site by optimizing the images, eliminating unnecessary plugins, allowing browser caching, and so on. Page speed is not only important to users, but it’s also important to Google. The speed of your website affects Google’s ability to crawl and index it.


Site Map and Appeal Attracts Traffic

A sitemap is a crucial element to have in place if you want search engines to be smarter about how they fetch the pages of your website. Additionally, if your sitemap is well defined and your site appeals to your audience, these elements of a website design are likely to drive more traffic. Your sitemap provides search engines with a guide of all the pages and content on your website. SEO website design should seamlessly guide a person through the site. It makes taking a desired action like scheduling an appointment or buying something a no-brainer. 

SEO will yield the best results when collaborating with web design, and improving it doesn’t have to be difficult. In conclusion, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the impact of your website’s design on SEO. It is just not a simple matter of preference or making a minor choice. Your website’s design has the potential to make or break your online business. SEO web design leaves people with a positive lasting impression of your brand. It makes it so easy to accomplish what they came here to do. In today’s digital world, more and more businesses have started developing responsive, SEO friendly websites to stay ahead of their competitors. If you need help designing one, Contact us today.



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