Tell your professional story on LinkedIn in 3 simple ways


Sep 17, 2020

Tell your professional story on LinkedIn in 3 simple ways

Can the digital space really come to your rescue during the Pandemic?  Does the year 2020 make LinkedIn the number one recruiting portal?

All these questions along with the onset of a variable pandemic has shocked everyone. We have all been disrupted by the fallout of the economy and the job sector. The hiring challenges and the mercurial job sector has led the companies to rely heavily on online sourcing of talent. LinkedIn is the platform that companies turn to in order to acquire a suitable workforce.The pandemic has impacted our workflow and left the job market, completely high and dry.

To maintain steadiness in business during the Pandemic, employers are beginning to rely heavily on the internet and technology. With the emerging technology, online education portals, cybernetic channels, all-encompassing culture, virtual hiring through portals like LinkedIn is indeed the next big thing. The current workforce is progressively mobile, collaborative, and energetic. It’ a great blend of multi-generations, with differing ideas and communication penchants.

 LinkedIn is the umbrella under which more than fifty million companies list out their requirements. The global crisis still exists but that doesn’t cease the job opportunities or the requirement of the companies across the world.

So then how do you use LinkedIn effectively to land you your dream job, amidst the Pandemic?

First and foremost, you need to invest time and effort in this professional networking platform that will literally take you places! Additionally, there are a few tips that will help you secure the job you have been looking for.

1.   Time Management

Now that most of us are working from the comfort of our homes, time management is all the more crucial. You need to spend a good amount of time through the day enhancing your professional qualifications. Enrol yourself for various digital courses and invest time in improvising your LinkedIn profile. You need to prepare yourself adequately for things that will follow, for e.g. phone and video interviews, learn about companies and their work culture etc. You can always seek help from a LinkedIn Profile Creation expert when you are staring out or need guidance on your way forward.

2.   Stay Active and Build Connections.

While you are working really hard to ensure that recruiters find you when they run a job search, the key lies in staying active across social media platforms. Your LinkedIn profile needs to stay active and not static. Post items relevant to your expertise and knowledge. Build connections,follow people and their work. Networking with people and companies on LinkedIn always has a widespread impact. It opens doors to multiple opportunities as recruiters always want to add talented professionals to a company’s workforce. So even if a company isn’t hiring at the moment, be sure to do your research and reach out to them.

3.   Ensure your profile is comprehensive

Your target audience on LinkedIn is the recruiter you want to reach out to? As a recruiter, one would immediately discard an incomplete profile. There are millions of applicants using the platform and you definitely want your profile to stand out. To do this you need to thoroughly work on your LinkedIn profile and regularly update this career branding tool.  While you want to make your resume headline descriptive also make sure to make it clear and concise. Use appropriate keywords and list down the key skills. Your profile has to be a cohesive list of qualifications, experience and skills.

The recruiters too understand the dynamics of the Pandemic stricken economy. It isn’t easy to land a job during this global crisis however LinkedIn can always come to your rescue. People who are working toward securing a job during this situation should maximize the full potential of LinkedIn. The best part is that this specialized portal has a job for every employee.It helps the employers to select the perfect skilled and experienced candidate.It balances the equilibrium between demand and supply. The tips listed here will help you secure the desirable job amidst the global pandemic.

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