10 things to learn from your competitor's content


Sep 17, 2020

10 things to learn from your competitor's content

The term ‘Competition’ comes under the head “Threat” in the abbreviation of

SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threat) – that was the

first thing on how I could link that word, coming from a management


But, not all threats are bad and so is competition. Let us view how we can shift

the category of competition from threat opportunity.

We live in a competitive world and virtual competitive platform has been on the

rise due to techno driven life. Writing is an art, embracing almost everything

from pure abstraction to realism. It is subject to application of skills and

knowledge which is personalised in nature. Learning about the skills and

background is essential to survive in a capricious environment – especially

when people are emerging and establishing themselves in new domains of

writing, blogging, web content creation etc.

Here are few tips on how to go about learning from your competitors’ mistakes

and their successes:

#1 Know your market

Writing keeps you updated with your niche. You will know what are the current

issues or topics that your competitors are covering and it will enhance your

horizon by giving a new direction to the ideas that you can build into concrete


#2 Writing strategy

The world of writing is absolutely dynamic, things are constantly changing.

There are always new plugins to try, new updates to become familiar with, new

keywords that can be adopted and new SEO strategies to learn. Also, it will

help you keep design & features on your website updated & inviting.

#3 Build your audience

By simply reading onto other’s content, you will identify the areas which are

liked by the audience & what people want to talk about. Identifying preferences

will enable you to mould your writing for capturing audience attention.

#4 Tips

Competitors help you acquaint yourself with new tools, social media news,

infographics, brand knowledge, content marketing do’s and don’ts. Pay

attention to how they format their blogs and if customers accept that format. It

will help you derive original new content by incorporating their ways and

bringing a whole new dish on the plate.

#5 Research

Quality programs like Market Samurai will help you do some research into the

competition. With the help of research, you’ll be able to identify the targeted

keywords, how to establish links and use them in your writing.

#6 Inspiration

There are write ups which make you feel contended. They inspire and motivate

you, thereby having a positive impact on psychological thinking. I remember

reading a blog on how a cancer patient celebrates her life even when she stands

at the edge of a cliff and how she instils the power of positivity among people.

#7 Follow

Yes, follow and act like a scout - gathering information about the competitor's

position, strength, or movements.

Following your competitors will help you keep a track and gain knowledge

about competitors’ and customers insights. It will help you gauge new ideas that

you can implement in your pieces.

#8 Stay active

Competitors not just help you find domains which are positive but will also

enable you to maintain social media etiquette. Social media platform act as the

best means to secretly spy others and create your own empire. Also, you need to

be well aware of what is happening around you.

#9 Business

At the end, you should know – you are in the market and you need to compete.

Competitors help you devise policies on how you can keep your business


#10 Successful Writers Read a LOT

What we read and why we do so define us in a profound way. You will expand

you own little universe when you will read. You've got to read just about

everything that push you to brainstorm new ideas.

I totally believe on the saying –

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”

-Benjamin Franklin

#Golden Rule: Be yourself

Just be yourself. Let your writing build constellations that spread over the sky.

Remember, competitors are just your teachers – learn from them, DO NOT copy

them to create your own masterpiece.







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