EK KOSHISH, Web Content Writer | Content by Diksha Vohra



What is it?

Ek Koshish, meaning ‘one attempt’ is an initiative to serve the mankind by sharing positive news. We showcase human interest positive stories in UAE through our interactive videos. These are about people you’re surrounded with. It’s about those individuals who have left an impact on the world through their little efforts.

What do we do?

Here we celebrate struggles, efforts, achievements and much more. We strongly believe that the world needs to learn about the good that is being done to get inspired to do something themselves.

Where to find us?

Our Facebook Page is updated with one story each week. Keep an eye on every Thursday for a new story featuring an individual who is steering change in our society.

How to reach us?

For advertising and editorial enquiries, please contact Diksha Vohra at [email protected]

Where to find us?


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