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– For those who want to stand out with exciting content

– For those who want to stand out with exciting content

Are you tired of boring textual content? Or are you not sure about whether your present content is working for you?

In our opinion, ‘Content’ is the most overused and misunderstood word. While most people associate content with text only, others don’t realise the importance of having great content on their website.

Breaking both myths, here’s what the reality is:

  • Content is everything that communicates a message. It can be textual and visual. So our content development services include text, photos, videos, infographics, explainers, timelines and much more.
  • Since your content is the only means by which your audience understands about your services, it is very important to have great, current and trending content on your website.

Now, how do you know whether your content is outdated. Below are some points:

  • Did you last update your website content within the last year?
  • Are your clients talking about the topics your website talks about?
  • Are you getting clients for services promoted well on the website and not otherwise?

If the answer to all of the above is NO, then it means that your content is definitely outdated and you need to revise your content.

How should you revise your content?

Simple! Follow our Creative Content Series where we provide you with a roadmap to create interesting content suitable for your business. Whether you’re a startup or a mature brand, we’ve definitely got something that would get you thinking.


Episode 2: Understanding the purpose of your Content Marketing Strategy

Product Life Cycle – Understanding where your brand is

Here’s the description of the four stages of the product life cycle. Tick mark the points suitable to your current product stage and whichever stage has the most number of ticks is where your brand is right now. Let’s do it together.



1. Introduction Stage:


  • You’ve recently launched your product (within the last 1-year)
  • You are struggling with generating awareness for your brand
  • Distribution is selective
  • Your sales are either not enough to cover your costs or you’re just breaking even
  • You're not earning high profits

2. Growth stage:

  • Your market knows about your brand
  • You have recurring clients now. People are happy with your product/service and they’re coming back for more.
  • You're feeling the competition and you want to beat that by differentiating your approach
  • You're making more profits and your products have slowly started to sell on their own
  • You are maintaining your prices.
  • Your distribution is a bit wider now

3. Maturity stage:

  • Your product is mature and familiar with the market conditions
  • Your product sells because of it’s brand name
  • You are earning a lot of profits. Market condition is at its peak for you
  • The product cannot get more market share. Every sale made is just sustaining the current share.
  • Your focus is on enhancing the features of the product to differentiate it more.
  • Prices may decline because of more competition.

4. Decline stage:

  • Your profits are declining and so are your sales
  • Customers are asking for something new. Their preferences have changed
  • You don't feel like investing anymore on the product as it isn’t earning you anything.
  • You’re contemplating the launch of another product because of the decline of this one

Try and do this test as honestly as possible to get the most from our videos. In Episode 2, we shall discuss the content marketing strategies for products in the Introduction Stage.

Episode 3: Marketing Strategies for products in the Introduction Stage

Episode 4: Marketing Strategies for products in the Growth Stage

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